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While you are waiting for Thursday's live class, here are some previous classes and Torahs 

R. Greenberg has given for your thought-provoking pleasure:


Coronation Of The King

One of the main things we do in Life is Prepare…

We prepare for Shabbat
We prepare to get married
We prepare to have children
And now we’re preparing to have Rosh Hashana

What are we really doing?
Preparing for our Coronation!
We are all the King - Realize that we are all a part of this creation!

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a rite of passage pressing on our own wherewithal, pushing us forward in life.

Prompting us to go beyond our own limitations that we set for ourselves.

Join us to learn how to exceed your boundaries and become the people we were meant to be.

Sustaining Society

Today we are a generartion entering the holy land as a group. We return to the holy land in a special way, the Rabbis say - through Economy.

The people asked the king: We have an economy but its not sustainable, how do we create a wealth consciousness like you have? He answered: Innovation

Learn how we can sustain each other so we never have to suffer through poverty!

Let It Go and Be Reborn

Absolute Newness is trigged together with last remnant of Negativity!

It will put up a fight to the death, so feel it come forth and let it die around you...

Let the New in and all the Good things in life will come to you!

The Rebirth of the Messiah will occur on the same day as the Destruction of the Temple

The Month of Av is the Apex of Reality
The Father of All Months

The Yartzeit of Ha'Ari Ha'Kadosh 
Master of the Lurianic Kabbalah
Is upon us!

How can two things happen at the same time ?
The Wise people live in a different existence, can their consciousness make the reality for us, choose the holidays and world we live in?

Can the holiness of one individual take away the world's suffering? 
Do we believe in these principles?

The Answer is No! Each one of us needs to earn our level of consciousness - our level of awareness.

The History of Pinchas
Pinchas was a fierce warrior who stood for justice.
He was so uncompromising that he became Eliyahu HaNavi.
Learn to become a warrior in your own life!

How can we know what the future holds?
Prophecy is real!
Tap in and hold on tight!

Did you know Moshe had a staff?
It had a certain animal on it and that emblem is known today as the insignia of medicine.

Elevating Depression
We all struggle with depression from time to time.
Where does it come from and how do we fight it?
Find out in this enlightening class!

The Third Temple
Expanding and expressing Love to build our temple within and without.
Kadosh Hakadoshim is the heart of the universe...
Using your heart with the right perspective :)

Connecting With The Creator
The Creator is all around us...
We just have to learn the tools to tap in and get in the zone.
In this Class, you'll learn about the reality the way the masters view it
And how you can enter their mind set!

How To Live In A Paradox
Human and Immortal
Life and Death

How life moves in a paradox!
And how we can move optimally through such a reality !

This class is dedicated to my very close friend, Brad Golani. He was a great man and one that will be missed dearly. We love you Brad, you'll forever live on in our memories.

The Ultimate Wave
Lag Ba'Omer - The 33rd day of the Omer (the countdown to revelation)
The Gathering, Group Soul Intimacy and Collective Consciousness!

On this day everything stops, everyone is gathered together like at Woodstock!
Why does everything stop?
The acknowledgement of the energy of Unity (also the energy of Love) all the fragments of the souls gather into one soul. 

In front of a fire, symbolic of our Passion for G-D, and the souls yearning for unity with G-D.

True Enlightenment
Who is the perfect you?
How do you find it and how do you master it?
Become who you were truly meant to be !!

The Healing Of The World
Shavuot (Receiving the 5 Books of Moses) and ReConnecting
From Mount Sinai to your living room.

After Tom Cruise lost his friend in Top Gun , he has trouble re-engaging in life. 
How do you re-engage after a loss?
Come learn the advice of the Jewish Torah on this subject :)


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