There are a number of ways to transfer money to our Account, scroll down for all the options:

The easiest way is by clicking the PayPal button below and making a transfer.

Or you can Automagically Contribute to your favourite cause!
(this will automatically donate the amount of your choice every week)

To Contribute using Chase QuickPay you must first register for an account.

Then click the above icon and Login or download the iPhone / Android App.

Once you’re in, enter the email:

Enter an amount and choose the account you wish to send from,

Click “Next” and then “Send Money”.

To contribute using Wells Fargo SurePay you must first register for an account.

You can do this easily by clicking the icon above.

Login online to register the email:

and download the iPhone / Android App to send money.

Other Banks 
with Mobile Money Transfers  


Wire Transfer

Contact Us for our Bank details to donate more than $1,000.
We cover the Transfer Fee and issue a Tax Deductible Receipt for your records.


Thank You so much for your contribution, no matter the amount we really appreciate it!