Our goal is to find the secrets to science through Torah Innovation.
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Fusing the Worlds of Science and Torah

Science Board of Advisors

Dr. Alan Kerstein
 received his Ph.D. in Applied Statistics from Princeton in 1976. He then worked for Sandia National Laboratories, in Livermore, California, for thirty-five years in the Combustion Research Facility where he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. Dr. Kerstein has been an author or co-author on over one hundred and twenty journal articles, and has personally contributed to the development of combustion-related computational models that are now widely used. In collaboration with University of Utah faculty and students, some of his research accomplishments include: models applying percolation theory to spray combustion, coal combustion, and solid propellant combustion, as well as the Linear Eddy Model and One-Dimensional Turbulence, used for turbulent combustion modeling. He is a fellow of the American Physics Society, and a past member of the editorial board of the Physical Review. Since the end of 2011, Dr. Kierstein serves as a consultant, presently in association with SINTEF Energy Research of Norway, Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany, and Chalmers University in Sweden.

Eliyahu Chaim Reiter, Founder and Band Member of Simply Tzfat lives in Tzfat where he practices music and being a good Jew. The groups aim is to spread the joy and inspiration of Breslev philosophy through their music. He graduated with degrees in Engineering from Tufts University in 1979 and Stanford University in 1982.

Charles Trachtenberg, Head Financial Advisor for Direct Light Corporation, leading Energy projects specially transforming waste into electricity in Guatemala, El Salvador and Venezuela. He is also the Entrepreneurial Telecommunications CEO for four different Cable Television companies. He graduated from Adolfo Hall in 1968, Earned a BS in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University in 1972 and graduated as Suma Cum Laude from Northeastern University in 1976 for his Masters degrees in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering.