Growth, Renewal & Freedom
The Cycle of Life


In order for a person to grow they need to have an experience that taxes their reality and pushes them in a direction they couldn’t prepare for. There is NO school to prepare you or a safety net. This TEST is without knowing the outcome and stretches your limits. Whether it has happened or Never happened to you before, it certainly makes you do something different to have a different outcome.

When a mother or father teaches their child to ride a two wheeler bicycle, they hold on to the bike and when they see the child can do it they let go but the child doesn’t know it yet. The child still thinks they are holding on, yet doing it himself. When you let go of having aid then you are being tested. Until you commit to a situation you will not be able to disengage from the old and commit to the new. I’m not sure which comes first, disengage or commit, because they work with each other. In life we can go through the motions but never really grow. G-d causes movement and stress in order for growth to happen. We are put into the unknown under total judgement. We have to have a new motivation or life can be a prison if not provided with Risk. You realize you weren’t breathing so make a commitment to Breathe.


Only when you go into an experience can you develop in the process, then you can go through growth. You will become exhausted, then a rest period happens then the  Renewal Process Begins and a certain amount of Joy happens, FREEDOM. It’s important to disengage to the outcome and be present to the moment.


When we are carrying something from our past, we usually don’t want to face the baggage. Fears and Programs have to be disengaged so we can face the moment of Truth, feel an Enlightened Experience of Joy, which then becomes Freedom of the Past.

The New is now integrated and you can’t do the same things as you did before. A Paradigm Shift is now in Effect!

How do you Challenge yourself to Grow?

1st - You Need to Commit and Disengage from the Old habits - Growth happens

2nd - Once Exhaustion Happens, Rest, then - Renewal fills you up

3rd - What was once holding you back now tastes like a new experience - Freedom

Jewish Holidays make us leave our comfort zone continuously. On Passover we are forced to eat unlevened bread, Sukkot we need to eat and sleep in a Sukkah, Shavout we  stay up all night, etc....

Each day of your life you have to make a commitment. Dedicate yourself to prepare the night before, decide what your day will have in it. Like a personal trainer pushes you,

G-d is your Coach and safety net - Emunah. Risk making mistakes, Let go of Control, and create possibility. If you don’t go through the process of Freedom, in order to preserve the life that you have, you will live in chronic Pain, where acid builds and new energies are withheld.

Allow yourself to Have a relationship with the New Experience. Missing airplanes can be chaos with lots of insecurity of an unknown situation but NOT REACTING or JUDGING the SITUATION, in essence- having Emunah - creates a wave that can shift  the unknown into GREATNESS. The person sitting next to you on the changed flight might become your best friend or partner. To have a level of TRUST, BELIEF, and FAITH in the idea that everything is from Divinity. This Gift is to challenge us to be better. There is a Time Element which makes it hard for us to see the fruit from the seeds that we planted. We process in parts, we do not process in wholeness. We can’t comprehend the element of truth that is hidden so we filter out the details and encompass a larger picture.

Living in a certain amount of darkness, Faith gets stretched, G-d brings in Divinity which is Freedom. 

“Nes” means Miracle / Greek = 101.

From Passover to Shavuout is a combination of 7 weeks, 50 Days, 50 Gates.

We are still slaves to Egypt, relying on the old ways in which the world used to work. We need to rely on G-d not just our own abilities. Focus on what will BE rather than the uncomfortability of what We don’t want to feel, G-d will send a hurricane to force us to change. We need to Choose, Tree of Good and Evil, Tree of Life. Take 10% of income for tithing and feel security in doing so.

Why you come is for eternity, not a fleeting moment. Slightest acts of good in time of darkness is the greatest reward. The principle of unity is how this process happens. Newness doesn’t happen alone, it only happens with OTHERS. We must Gather and UNITE. Knowing is one level, Doing is Another.