Lucy and the Jewish Perspective 

Class 3: Trust, Choice and Being Divine

Conscious choosing is projecting your will into the future and manifesting your desires. In the film, Lucy, the protagonist uses more of her brain than the average human being and moves through the world consciously; able to predict the movements and actions of others she becomes more and more confident.

Knowing (Binah - Intuition) vs. Choosing   Making choices takes time and energy and is an expression of being outside the flow. When we act from our spiritual consciousness - our intuition or gut feeling - we place our trust in the universe and surf on the wave which is cosmic energy.

Trust vs. Doubt   One can act from Trust that everything is perfect and every action will bring one closer to that perfection. When we doubt, we are under the illusion that a decision we make may be wrong. If we know everything is right and bringing us into positivity then the anxieties of every day life and choice-making dissipate.

Anxiety is a feeling of disconnect from the source, which is G-d. Etching His holy name into our minds by consciously visualizing it will unmask the outer coating of reality and allow us to see the truth of our existence. Fear of intimacy is what causes us to run away from the divinity, from the flow that connects us to G-d and our higher purpose.


Yakov goes to sleep in Bet El and puts a stone under his head, when he wakes up in the morning he exclaims: "I know G-d is in this place," and that is the feeling we're talking about. The Bet HaMikdash was later built In that precise location. There is just as much divinity in a place where we are disconnected, fearful or anxious. We all have the fundamental challenge as individuals to reveal that G-d is in the exact place we presently are, even if it feels uncomfortable; the task of lifting the spark of anxiety to the dimension of divinity.

Our ideas - what we think - change reality. In fact it is our reality. Our consciousness is what brings the world into being. By being in harmony, love and connection we bring the universe into balance - reality is simply a reflection of our being.

Hitbodedut, a form of meditation, is spending time alone with ourselves, clarifying and distilling our oneness, ensuring that our existence flows with purpose and feelings of perfection. Every moment is perfect, all it's missing is our knowledge of its perfection.


Each day is different from the next, it is important to prepare ourselves every day. To consciously project our future is to to live in connection with G-d. Anxiety is the fear that we are not going to be present, the fear that we are running away from ourselves. Running away from your self will always bring you back to your self until you fully experience it, until you choose to be present in that moment.

The conscious mind is inferior, we use it, but don't let it use you. Don't let choice choose the moment, or put you out of true choice. The non-hesitating moment of truly knowing is the level that you want to come to - the unconscious mind knows more about life than your conscious mind - that is what will bring you out of anxiety and regret. Now that you left Egypt don't look back, be in the present moment. So too, don't try to look forward, the new is always hidden - the desert is the place we must traverse before we can receive the revelation of divinity.

Intimacy - in to me see: see into your separation as a unit, all the things that separate you from the G-dhead. It is the highest level of wonderment to be unified with one's self by giving up one's self and becoming the true self. Being intimate is learning to let go of the sense of self and merging with a larger sense of Self. Intimacy calls forth trust, the trust to let go of the fear that there is anything but G-d.