Overcoming Depression
How does depression happen and Where does it come from?

The Torah says: The original Nature of the body/physical self was a translucent layer like our fingernails, we were the source of our own being. Then our bodies totally transformed to skin, covered, experiencing only a certain amount of light from source. 

We were in shock from the total loss of connection from the light in front of our eyes. Being opaque felt like a mutated state and we knew that we would never feel the same again. Our mind began to judge itself. In order not to feel the level of the problem we received artificial amnesia so a person doesn’t know what he needs. There were 69 levels of light folding in upon themselves.

We felt a disassociation and abandonment so we went inside ourselves and disowned parts of ourselves because it was too painful to bear. We lost our connection to the light inside ourselves. Since we don’t really know the level of how the conscious mind works, whatever we are doing is in order not to feel what we are. The cause of depression is feeling Scattered/Multiplicity.

We beat ourselves up for making mistakes. The Result of the negative state of consciousness is shock and blame which is worse than what just happened, We continue the momentum of feeling bad. We need to act as if the situation is GOOD even though we don’t feel that way. You must train your mind to think: “I am good, I am Happy” and it negates all the crap.

You have to make yourself think that way. There are negative spiritual parasites/entities that are feeding on our brain, we don’t know we are being drained, we are their life force. Our uneducated self really wants us to stay the same because there is an investment in not changing our system. The more light we experience the more pain we feel. We are trained as we grow up by our parents and society that feeling Bad is normal. Yet no one has given biblical advice on how to heal pain.

The restrictive part of spiritual neuro-anatomy is the intuitive side called Binah. Our limited self is out of balance and constantly judging itself and others so we have to fight to get connected to Love. Disconnecting from G-d means going to the wrong place to get a fix of joy and happiness, we need to look in the right place. When you are drowning you can’t save others drowning around you - you must strengthen yourself and only then can you help.

Since in the physical world, we lost our ability to connect directly we need help - How do we get connected ?

We Need a paradigm redemption! Saying “I am OK” is a type of healing process. Go into the ocean and see the glimmer of light in the morning. Extend Saturday Night to Monday night since Monday is always the hardest. Add consciousness to the idea of the restrictive (intuitive)  side of life, have Faith. Make non hesitated Decisions which is the highest level, the unconscious mind knows more than the conscious mind. The heart is the only thing we know is true, the only thing that matters is connection inside ourselves - connect your heart and mind and all else will fall into place. Global moments like Woodstock, enhanced our being. We can create our own consciousness by being in relationships with each other and change the feelings of loneliness and separation which is the main problem. Gathering and coming together in groups is how we heal Depression.

G-d gave us Unity and Love. Memory is where all the disease is, illusion of the past disappears. Have Faith and rest assured that the process of life has purpose. Believe this life has purpose. Tools of life are Music, Creativity, and Love, which has no pain, it swallows the negative side of life.

Learn from other peoples mistakes to have wisdom. Learn from everything around you about how to get out of suffering. By consciously wanting something with enough passion, we will have a better life. Be in Harmony with each other.


  1. Depression Originated at the Original Disconnect from Source.

  2. Man began to Judge himself, where conscious and unconsciousness became separate heart and mind disconnected.

  3. Not wanting to feel pain or disconnect we medicate ourselves so we can’t feel anything at all.


  1. Take time to feel the emptiness. Produce the idea of Moshiach and spend time by the water where one can experience light of unity and self.

  2. Systematize a way of dealing with the pain, then Say “this is GREAT” instead of Negative Self Talk. Promise not to judge yourself or knock yourself down which results in disconnect. The judgemental mind is so powerful it takes over and doesn’t trust our inner-selves. Our creative side gets cut off from our true being. It’s OK to feel, cry, be in touch with your true self.

  3. Create a Healing Environment. Express what’s on your mind in a Group Consciousness setting and start to feel your intuitive self.