At Pure Global Light we pride ourselves on making the world a better place. We believe that Torah Learning is an important base for making a real impact, but the foundation is just the beginning. The infrastructure of meaningful change must incorporate a balance of the Industries that make up our world today. 

The Board of Advisors is always expanding and we're proud to present the Industry Leaders prepared to synergistically propel our projects forward into the future. Scientists, Doctors, Rabbis and Engineers unifying together for the betterment of our existence. These upcoming projects are the filters for the process of change.

"The biggest hurtle I have encountered is getting people out of their own heads to look up and notice that I'm standing right in front of them."
Rabbi Yehuda Greenberg

What's interesting is that children can see the New, they can understand and envision the future in ways that adults simply cannot. Most of us live in the old paradigm and this makes our shift difficult. Our current goal is to present the Mystical, the Science - the method - so that each and every one of us can see through new eyes. To give every human the ability to fathom a reality in which the New rules, evolving and expanding determine the outcomes of our every choice.

Sustainable Energy, Healing Medicine, Positive Paradigm Shifts - Hope for a Unified Reality. These are the concepts we will bring to life, making the world a prime place for the Days To Come.