Separation & Free Will

Shavuot, also known as “Matan Torah” - The giving of the Torah. There’s a seven week period between Passover until Shavuot, in which we received the Torah and accepted G-d as One. Before we can understand oneness we need to firmly grasp the meaning of separation. 

How do we rectify separation to bring oneness?

First, we would need to ask ourselves why we need to experience Darkness and Depression, what is there purpose? The answer is that only through these negative experiences can we truly understand and feel Light, Joy and Happiness. When we experience both, only then can we recognize the difference, and feel the lack of light to yearn for divinity. 

Secondly, the important question is why do we need to experience Separation? Free Choice is the answer! Free Choice could not exist without the chance to earn that moment, to receive the light by one’s own means. Only through earning it can the soul receive light. There is no Divinity unless the soul chose to Rectify and Connect out of it’s own free will - this is true Splendour.

In order to Rectify Separation, we must recognize the Mother in each other. It is a Spiritual Mirror - when we focus on the good in others, noticing their positive attributes, the good in us grows. During Havdalah, the candle light is refelected off our nails, so we can see the divinity reflecting back at us. Thus reminding us of the light within each and every one of us.

Part of our Free Will complex stems back to when we were children. We would ask to go to the bathroom during class and the teacher would say “not now,” and we just accepted it. So what we knew to be our free will was considered to be unimportant - what we know to be right doesn’t matter. If a child decides to pee on the floor at that moment, he probably would be in trouble with the teacher and be made fun of by the other students.

But if we all understood it was our G-D given right to feel, express, and listen to our own inner-wisdom then the child would pee on the floor, the students would cheer in support, and when the principle would ask “why did this child pee on the floor?” the students would say “the teacher wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom” and the teacher would be the one in trouble, not the student.

This example represents our need to be retaught. We must relearn to express ourselves naturally and forget that we were told not to listen to the divine being within - forget that others think they know what’s best for us. During this exact time period right now, we have an opportunity to Reconnect with ourselves and each other - to Reeducate ourselves and feel the Divine energy of Shavuot, our true nature.

How do we do this, you ask? Well, it’s actually the opposite of what you may think. We need to feel Hatred - experience Separation - feeling true separation is where the True Light is waiting! It has a purpose, experiencing and overcoming Hatred is what helps us become Masters of ONENESS.

Friction brings you to the Root. so we can really see the other person and look into each others’ eyes with honesty. Suffering and Negativity is Good! Instead of living scared of conflict or trying to please others, we must begin speaking Truth, which gets us OUT of our negative patterns and only then can bring about Divinity and Unity!

We need to be honest with our emotions. Energy is what keeps us separate and Creates an Environment that allows us to Express ourselves Freely and come together in Unity. Through the Darkness the Light will Reveal itself Honestly.