Introducing Pure Global Light

Welcome to Pure Global Light, home of the Multimedia Beit Knesset in Tzfat, Israel. Here, Rabbi Yehuda Greenberg and his team explore Torah's of the Atik Yomin which translates to Ancient Days and reveals the Torah to be a holy manual for coding reality anew.  Working with Virtual Reality we spread these Torah activations far and wide, ensuring that the whole world has access to their complete Redemption!


The Atik Yomin Torah’s are the Matrix for Redemption

Pure Global Light accesses Torah as a technology, revealing a new way to free up the mind and align with ruach hakodesh in the moment.

The Atik Yomin is an aspect of Torah that can be likened to a quantum computer. It encourages us to let go of all our ideas of how things are and open to the receipt of wisdom in the moment. This provides a fresh level of clarity, uncluttered by outmoded ways of thinking and behaving. 

The Atik Yomin is the quality of our being that is light-based, from the Or HaGanuz. The activations found in this website, recode reality from the foundation of Torah, with a vibrational frequency that is open and expansive. 

The technologies of the future are coherent light-based and are received through the codes of the Atik Yomin.  This is the level of Torah reserved for the time of Redemption; the time when humanity is ready to let go of what is holding us back and open to the brilliance and power of each moment.